It’s Good to Know

Will there be online registration?

According to Comelec guidelines, voter’s registration still needs to be done face 2 face. Largely, biometrics of the voter’s need to be captured : profile picture that needs to be digitally taken by the local Comelec office themselves, and fingerprints, both digitally and manually (the traditional way of using an ink pad and putting the fingerprints on the actual printed application forms).

Will there be satellite registration?

There are plans to have satellite registrations. Of course, this is managed and operated by Comelec themselves, in cooperation with certain groups. We are going to discuss with Comelec the possibility of having satellite registrations in different parishes in NCR, and hopefully, in other parts of the country.

What are your plans on Voter’s Education?

By October this year and onwards, we will start to embark on various modules on Voter’s Education. The modules will span a whole range of topics from the technicals of voting particularly targeted to new voters … to how an election takes place : VCMs, transmission of results, how counting happens … to values-oriented modules which hope to install deep thought and discernment among our voting population, especially in the aspect of making our elections meaningful, ie how to know if you’re voting for the right candidate.

What is your opinion regarding Early Campaigning?

Comelec has very clear, specific rules on early campaigning. As our foremost governing body when it comes to elections, PPCRV as the citizen’s arm is always in support of Comelec’s guidelines.

What is your opinion about Comelec possibly banning Face 2 Face Campaigning in 2022?

As our foremost governing body when it comes to elections, PPCRV as the citizen’s arm is always in support of Comelec’s guidelines. Particularly in these unprecedented times, any new rule or regulation that Comelec issues to answer the challenges of this pandemic and to mitigate risks of furthering infections, we will support.

Is there a possibility of postponing the elections?

According to our laws (the constitution) our next National and Local Elections should be on May 2, 2022. As PPCRV, we are praying that with all things considered regarding our country’s current state in this Covid-19 times … all possible means to make the elections happen next year will be given the right and proper effort.

Will elections be extended beyond the usual hours?

There are current discussions happening on the possibility of extending the hours during election day. Voting precincts can open as early as 5 am, and may close as late as 7 pm. Comelec will for sure make the proper announcements regarding this matter, once they have decided on it.

Is there going to be a special arrangement for PWDs and Senior Citizens?

To give consideration in lessening the possibility of virus spread for Senior Citizens and other groups with health risks, the Comelec is making this matter a part of their discussion.

How are you getting ready for the elections?

As soon as voter’s registration is re-activated, we have communication campaigns that we hope to launch, particularly targeted to first-time voters.

By January 2022 / As soon as 2022 rolls in, we will launch our call for volunteers. Volunteers need to coordinate with their local parishes to sign up and get to be in the know of PPCRV’s activities in preparing them for May 9, 2022.

How are you ensuring the safety of the volunteers during the elections?

Aside from providing our volunteers with the usual t-shirts and IDs to identify them as PPCRV volunteers, there may be a need to likewise reconsider adding protective items such as face masks and face shields to take in consideration their utmost safety. This will of course mean the need for additional resources to make this happen, We are making sure to have this as a very important part of our discussions as we develop our execution and implementation plans.

Mayroon po bang dayaan na nangyayari pag eleksyon?

In the process of counting, transmitting and parallel counts of the election results ; there appears to be a very slim chance of cheating and “fooling” the systems. Such can’t be easily and quickly done. However, we have been getting feedback and reports as we discuss with our local chapters that in the recent elections, the “cheating” now happens before : with the filled-up ballets before they fed into the VCMs.