Reaching the Youth

For the mid- term 2019 elections, the Voter’s Education Committee prepared early and wanted to focus on three things – innovate through the use of campaigns and online platforms, expand its reach, and lastly, target the youth.

With this in mind, the Committee was divided into four main groups: 1. Module Review and Development, 2. Voter’s Ed Campaign, including Youth Ambassadors, 3. Training and Roadshow, and 4. Online Platform. The Committee is composed of both new and veteran PPCRV volunteers from a diverse set of backgrounds who wanted to contribute to the organization’s nation-building efforts.

Starting in 2018, the volunteers conducted several rounds of Focus Group Discussions, key interviews, and reviewed existing PPCRV Voters Education Module. They enhanced the past modules, while sticking to the core elements and values of PPCRV- including KKK (Karakter, Kakayahan, Katapatan) and One Good Vote. But the main challenge was how to reach more people effectively and more importantly, how do we reach more youth?

The group introduced several new initiatives including, Learn,, a voter’s education online course, developed in partnership with EastWest Group, and powered by Apptitude. This online training platform facilitated the training of 988 trainers and issued 710 certificates over the course of the election period.